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New Vectors for the Country!



trio colorsColour and format of each motif can be modified without problems.


Our motifs are exclusively created in vectors. Vectors consist of mathematical formulae which illustrate complex geometrical patterns. As vectors are based on variable calculations they have a lot of advantages compared to pixel based images:


- they can be printed in any size without loss of quality


- whether they are high or wide – they adapt to any format


- colours are defined and can be converted into any other colour. Like that each motif can be integrated in a new CI-colour space


- Further artwork like a logo or text element can be added to the motifs


Of course we can also vectorize and process further other motif templates like photographs!


Our Partners are Professionals


Our partners print the finished design on special textile material. The print is unaffected by light and protected from fading by special UV-protection.

On site the printed design will be installed on a high-quality AluFrameTex at the wall. Although this system is very light in weight, it is extremely robust. With the AluFrameTex-system the textile print will always stay wrinkle free.


The height of the objects is limited to 5 meters. Theoretically, the width has no limit. The object can also be produced in an upright format. In this case the width would be limited to 5 meters and the height would be determined according to the hight of the room.


The objects can be backlit with LED lights or fluorescent tubes.


900 400

 A Wandlust-object is being installed


Just call for a new Wall!


You have got your own design template or you found a motif or a special style from our selection which you can imagine to apply to your walls. Just call us (+49 - 511 – 66 98 38) or send us an e-mail specifying your choice of the design and the desired size. We will promptly provide an offer including a design template.


+49 -511 - 66 98 38




The prestigious "Australian Design Review" reported in its online edition:


"Wandlust has developed a range of unique vector images ready for custom application in the architecture and interior design industries.

German company, Wandlust has developed a range of unique vector images ready for custom application in the architecture and interior design industries. The colourful wall art includes textural patterns and digitally abstracted imagery, with over 400 designs in 13 style categories.

The benefit of the vector format is that they are endlessly resizable without loss of image quality, and can thus be made to suit most any measurements. Wandlust also works with clients through the conceptual stage to collaborate on design ideas where possible, and aims to fit the brief even in challenging spaces."